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Five reasons why ANY kind of soda drink makes you fat

Everyone loves soda drinks – but when it comes to your weight and your health ANY kind of fizzy pop is something you should avoid – as it can make you fat.

Soft drink consumption is going up and up globally – for example in 2012 an Aussie study saw the folks Down Under buy 1.28 billion liters of sugar sweetened drinks in just ONE YEAR!

Whether diet soda or otherwise – these drinks can be bad for your health and make you fat

And they weren’t even the highest – just one of the top 10 when it came to soda consumption.

Those ‘diet drinks’ are a big no-no when it comes to your health for a number of reasons.

Soda drinks usually consist of carbonated water, sugar, and flavorings.

But that can of soft drink can contain up to 10, yes 10 teaspoons of sugar!

Even those with artificial sweeteners can lead to repercussions on your health

My British friends, imagine having 10 teaspoons of sugar in your cup of tea. Just thinking about it makes me feel like my teeth are falling out!

And those ‘sugar-free’ drinks have sneaky artificial sweeteners in them – which aren’t much cop for your health either.

These are supposed to reduce sugar intake in soda – but they can also have a very negative impact on your health.

What Artificial Sweeteners In Diet Soda drinks Can Do To You

There have been some alarming studies on this stuff, and what drinking them can do to you.

A lot of diet soda drinks contain Acesulfame-K – that’s the fancy name, it’s also known Ace-K and is actually a salt containing methylene chloride.

When they fed this stuff to animals in studies, long term consumption suggested it could cause tumors.

Aspartame is another common artificial sweetener – the big boys usually use this one – like Coca Cola and Schweppes.

This is also not that great for your body – aspartame can be toxic and carcinogenic.

There are a whole list of issues this can cause when it comes to your health – migraines, diabetes, short term memory loss, brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, lymphoma, Parkinson’s and mental health issues.

Think of a different alternative next time you fancy some fizzy – champagne doesn’t count of course!

Sneaky sugar and why you should avoid it

So why is sugar so bad for you? Check this list out and you’ll think twice before getting yourself a diet soda!

Thanks to the acidic environment sugar can cause, it can leach essential minerals from the muscle and bones, which leads to a deficiency.

It causes inflammation – this is something which I suffer from and it can be painful, unpleasant, slow down weight loss and muscle recovery. It also suppresses the immune system.

If you get addicted to the white stuff, it can lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Why? The liver is the main storage for excess glucose which we store as fat.

It make you old! Yes, glucose consumption can age cells which can make us forgetful and lead to a reduction in cognitive health. If you happen to be worried about this one, you should check out my post on the fabulous XYZ cream which can make you look 7.5 years younger! Count em!

And finally here are some scary stats – people who drink 1-2 cans of soft drink a day face a 26% greater chance of developing type 2 diabetes.

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