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Check out the Mobot: The workout accessory Kourtney Kardashian is ‘obsessed’ with

It’s not often I agree with one of the Kardashian clan, but it seems that Kourtney and I are seeing eye to eye on the Mobot.

It’s the hot new workout accessory which she’s “obsessed” with.

Now I’m cracking on a bit, I can’t just go to the gym and not bother to warm up or warm down.

You shouldn’t do that anyway, whatever your age, because it’s very bad for you!

But there is one thing I take with me every time I do a work out session, and that is my Mobot.

Yep thats me poised for action with my Mobot in Joshua Tree National Park – I needed it I can tell you it was about 40 degrees at 9am!

The things I do for social media!

I know some of you are thinking, what an earth is one of those?

It’s a brilliant invention, by a great friend of mine, Lani Taylor, a sassy lady who is one savvy business entrepreneur.

Hailing for the Gold Coast in Oz, she used to work in sports therapy, and noticed all these athletes she was treating were moaning about the fact they weren’t able to roll out their muscles easily when they were on the move.

Foam rollers are big, bulky and annoying.

Lani, who is one observant lass, also noted that none of them were drinking enough water either.

She had a light bulb moment, literally in the middle of the night, and came up with the Mobot – or mobility bottle.


The Mobot is the worlds first travel foam roller, which you can store liquid in as well – hot or cold

What is the Mobot?

It’s the world’s first high performance travel foam roller and water bottle.

But it’s not just about using it in the gym people – you can use it WHEREVER YOU LIKE!

The idea is it combines hydration and connection.

Lani has also been a flight attendant and a mining engineer, both jobs that can be demanding on the body.

Hostesses have to stand up for long periods of time, while mining can be hard work!

So she had got it all pretty well sussed when she came up with a product that could fit everyone and every profession.

Mobots come in three sizes – and I can honestly say I take mine EVERYWHERE.

Here’s creator Lani demonstrating how a Mobot works – in high heels no less! Did I mention she’s super gorgeous as well as brainy? Some people have all the luck!

Not just for the gym – it also happens to look rather cool and colourful as well

Three ways to use your Mobot

It’s great for in the car – you can roll out your shoulders when you are driving.

And put it at the base of your spine to get rid of any nasty knots. Handy if you commute in LA.

I also use it on flights – you can sit on it and roll out muscle cramp when on long or short haul, and it helps alleviate the risk of deep vein thrombosis and sore limbs.

And it’s totally brilliant for the gym – I use it to warm down and it absolutely makes a difference to muscle recovery.

Mobot’s come in an array of colours and designs, they are good for biking, hiking, they even float!

They look rather cool sitting on your desk.

And you can always roll out on it if you spend hours in a chair for work.

They are also a great present idea for guys – and gals.

And also kids – the smallest size is super cute and comes in a bright and colourful camo design.

If you don’t believe me, check out the video below with people telling you how darn good they are.

So now you are wondering – ok where can I get my hands on this nifty thing?

Well click on this link here and a mobot can be yours! I want to get you all ready to roll!

And if you want some exercises to try out so you can use your mobot afterwards, check out these videos.

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