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Keep calm and carry on: How just two minutes of meditation can recharge your batteries

If you have ever felt like your brain is going to explode here is a two minute meditation quick fix to help with the stress.

Even those of us with the most hectic of lives could do that.

Meditation often has all sorts of religious connotations.

It is of course used in the East and the West for that very reason.


Living life today can be hectic

Originating in the Buddhist and Hindu religions, it was also embraced in ancient Chinese traditions.

And it was also used by Christians to bring them spiritually and mentally closer to the Divine.

However, mindful meditation is, in a nutshell, about training your brain to concentrate and focus.

All muscles need exercise and and the space between your ears really does contain one of the most important ones.

Everyone is trying to juggle a thousand things at once and rushing everywhere

Professor David Levy explains meditation to USA Today ‘like doing reps at a gym. It strengthens your attention muscle.’

And like the gym, the more you do it, the better you get.

Top meditation tips to ease stress

So how do you get your brain firing on all cylinders in such a short space of time?

Elisha Goldstein has a fabulous two minute mindfulness check-in. It’s short and sweet and while, yes you do need a longer period to get really amazing benefits, it will definitely help.

He advises on his blog to look for ‘in-between’ moments.

For example if you are taking a break of waiting for someone.

I use the DailyCalm app which is brilliant.

It has lots of different options, and even sleep stories if you just can’t switch off at the end of the day.

They really do work.

However mindful meditation can help

Or you can try these exercises yourselves…

Set a time for two minutes and then close your eyes.

Breath in through your nose and count to four, then out for three.

The inhale stimualtes your stimulates your sympathetic nervous system, helping you feel animated and active.

Try doing it first thing in the morning to feel energized.

Or if you have a long meeting scheduled at the end of a busy day, it will give you an little bit extra get up and go.

To Feel More Peaceful

If you want some inner zen, try doing the breathing the opposite way.

Breathe in for three counts and then exhale for four counts.

Your parasympathetic nervous system will kick into action which can help you relax.

This is helpful when you have just had to deal with a stressful situation, whether it’s a disagreement with a work colleague, an altercation while driving or had to deal with a fall out between the kids.

If you can add these into your daily routine it will really help.

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You can help recuperate your brain in just two minutes