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Check out these videos for some super style tips giving you sexy sassy hair in minutes

Fancy some tips for sexy sassy hair?

Then check out these videos that tell you all you need to know for some cool updo’s which can be fashioned in a flash.

With the help of my fabulous friend Jen W, who is an amazing hairstylist and has worked her magic on Mariah Carey’s tresses, you can look like a celebrity!

My locks aren’t the best, but as you can see it was positively versatile thanks to her tips and techniques!

And if you hear scratching in the video, that was my pet pooch Chika trying to get in on the action!

Here are those fabulous hair styling tips!

Some of Jen’s clientele include Hollywood’s elite.

And she makes sure their locks look their best when attending any fashion function or they are off for a night on the town.


The hairstyles she showed off on me were the business quiff, for when you are work, which she turned into the party quiff.

And that is of course when you are all set to trip the light fantastic!

She also did the rather fancy rope braid, proving that even if you have short hair you can do sassy styles.

And Jen also did some lovely beach waves in my hair. The videos are very easy to follow and she explains everything.

We used hair straighteners to achieve the looks, dry shampoo and a lot of hairspray.

The main thing to remember with straightening irons on hair is you need to take steps to keep hair healthy.

Three steps to healthy hair

Always remember to wash and condition your tresses well before styling to ensure that it’s in the best shape possible.
You can also comb a heat-protecting spray through your clean, damp hair which helps seal it from the heat.
Finally turn the flat iron to the lowest setting, and increase the temperature only if needed.

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