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Fancy a tipple? The top five guilt free alcoholic drinks to have on a night out

While everyone loves a large chilled glass of wine while kicking back and relaxing with friends, how do you enjoy a guilt free alcoholic drink?

Most booze is high in calories and high in sugar.

The first thing to know about alcoholic drinks and how it affects the body is when you drink it’s the booze which gets burnt off first.

Fancy a tipple? Don’t mind if I do – and with the sun shining it’s usually more than one

So all those delicious snacks and treats that are consumed can end up adding to the waistline because they sit waiting for the gin and tonics and white wines to get processed first.

And that is on top of the high calorific content of many cocktails and alcoholic drinks that are oh so good in the sunshine.

Most contain lots of sugar and syrup – for example a Long Island Iced Tea has a whopping 780 calories.

But before you think the booze is off limits – there ARE better alternatives.

Here are my top five to try and you’ll be able to feel cool in your bikini while having fun in the sun.

There are ways to enjoy a drink though and feel a little less guilt when it comes to your waistline

How to enjoy guilt free alcoholic drinks

1. Tequila, Soda and Lime

This is my go to favourite when I want a tipple and I’m trying to be good.

It’s also quite refreshing.

Coming in at 96 calories enjoy with plenty of ice and a good squeeze of fresh lime juice. And of course the better the tequila the better the drink.

2. Wine

The average glass of wine is around 125-150 calories.

Who doesn’t love a chilled glass of rose with the girls? If you can sip slowly and this is one Summer drink which is hard to beat.

For an added health boost (yes there really is one in vino) go for red as it has more antioxidants.

If you choose carefully who can still have an alcoholic beverage – dark coloured drinks should be enjoyed in moderation 

And why not give it a go ice cold? This alcoholic drink is actually rather refreshing.

And as long as you don’t sink a bottle over the course of the afternoon (my British friends and I have been known to do much more than that) and drink with decorum, it’s not going to weigh as heavy on the waistline as you might think!

3. Light Beer

Burgers and beer – the perfect combination at a BBQ.

Unfortunately however refreshing an ice cold one is, beer can lead to a beer belly, as more than a couple of sips go straight to those hips.

Thankfully though, those clever hop brewers have come up with all sorts of light alternatives – most of the major brands now do low carb and low calorie options.

A cold beer is refreshing on a hot day

But I am not going to lie, wine is my weakness

Coors Light, Corona Light, Michelob Ultra, Miller Lite, the list goes on. Most have around 100 -110 calories.

If you want to be REALLY good, try MGD64 – which unsurprisingly has 64 calories and 2.4g of carbs. It’s quite tasty and is not so dense.

Add a slice of fresh lime for some extra zing.

4. Healthy Bloody Mary

Fancy spicing things up? It’s hard to believe but there is such a thing as a healthy Bloody Mary.

And with tonnes of ice on a Summer day it hits the spot.

Opt for low sodium V8 which is not as salty as other tomato juices. The rest of the drink is pretty low calorie as well.

A squeeze of lemon, horseradish, tabasco, a hint of Worcestershire sauce, and of course the pièce de résistance – the vodka and you have one fiery little number.

And did you know celery is the only vegetable you burn more calories eating than is in it! Add a stick of that for a twist and you got some bonus calorie burners!

Fruit can add a healthy twist to your cocktail

4. Skinny Girl Cocktails

That Bethenny Frankel really knew her stuff when she came up with Skinny Girl Cocktails.

Low in calories and flavoured to the max, the only down side of these drinks is you just can’t stop drinking them.

Each cocktail only has 35.2 calories – and there are a host to choose from – White Cranberry Cosmo, Sweet N Tart Margarita and Sangria which are all ready to pour.

There is even a low calorie wine range.

5. Low Calorie Mojito

No doubt a drink which is typically loaded with sugar is making most of you think – how can this be – a low calorie mojito? There must be some mistake?!

However there is a way to get some Cuba vibes on without them hitting your waistline.

If in doubt, you could always stick to water, but that would be a bit boring wouldn’t it with all these options!

Make your mojito twice as nice without the calorific bite by using half the simple syrup – it’s the equivalent of two tbsp of sugar at about 40 calories.

The rest of the ingredients – mint, lime, and soda water are low in calories.

And that cheeky shot rum comes in at about 100 calories.

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