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Five ways to banish the side effects of a food and drink binge

When you are on a health and fitness journey there is always the chance you will slip up and have a binge on the food and drink side of things.

And I had mine on July 4th.

For my British and Australian friends who aren’t familiar with this HUGE U.S holiday – it involves food and drink, eating and a bit more drinking.

It was food, drink, and fun all the way on July 4th – these bad boys were definitely not on my eating plan!

And having fun with friends of course.

We are lucky enough to live right on top of one of the best firework displays in LA which are put on in honour of the good ‘ol US of A’s birthday.

So I thought it would be a bit rude not to have a few friends over for some food and drink- make that 30.

And of course, priding myself on being the hostess with the mostess I laid on a bit of a feast.

I had plenty of this on the day as well

Food and drink frenzy!

There were burgers and buns and far as the eye can see.

Hot dogs, tortilla chips, crisps, dip of every kind.

We had beer coming out of our ears, wine from every vineyard around the world.

And a bar which had a selection rivaling one of La La Land’s most reputable cocktail haunts.

And with the arrival of every generous friend, and friend’s friend, was yet more booze and food.

We had some pretty awesome cheesecakes (red white and blue of course) curtesy of Caroline Feraday.

She also rustled up a banoffee pie.

This rather spectacular cheesecake was made by my friend Caroline

Sadly, but thankfully, that disappeared before you could even say Happy Birthday America.

Despite vowing to be good, I was in a word, not.

The following day saw me struggling with the three hour clean up.

And the gym was the last place I was going.

So what can you do to try and counter act the negative affects of having a big food and drink blow out when you are really supposed to be sticking to healthy eating and drinking?

How to combat a food and drink blow out

Well the good news is, it’s actually possible to stop that moment on the lips turn to a lifetime on the hips.

A moment on the lips doesn’t have to be a lifetime on the hips

But, as always it ain’t as easy keeping it from going on as it was downing that shot, and eating that burger.

And once you hit your thirties, that’s the least of your problems.

Gone are the days when you could be up and at em the next day.

I admire my girlfriends who have children to tend to after they may have had more than a couple of glasses of wine.

What to do….

After a big night out, you’ll be affected by two different things: hangover and sleep deprivation.

And getting your body back up and running again as soon as possible is the best way to combat the blow out.

Get sleep, but sleep at the right times

If you were up boogying all night until the break of dawn, then understandably you’re probably going to be somewhat sleepy.

Catch up on your z’s with some extra nap time so your body can recover.

The day after your big night out, give yourself a lie-in but don’t sleep past 10am.

Then go to bed at a reasonable time and make sure that you get your full 8 hours of ‘normal’ sleep that night.

Snooze your way out of feeling bad, but don’t get extra z’s at the wrong time – or the wrong place like this young lady

Drink a lot…but not booze!

Fraid so ladies – hair of the dog is not really the way to go.

Get gallons of water down you.

You’ll be dehydrated from all those alcoholic beverages,

We feel so rough after drinking because alcohol is a diuretic.

This  leads to headaches, cramping and general lethargy.

Eat…the right stuff and leave the extra

Your blood sugar levels will be down and all that indulgence will have led to bloating – it’s not just the booze that swells you up.

If you have really over done it on the burgers and fries you could be in line for a dose of pancreatitis – symptoms include severe abdominal pain which shoots around your back.

Eat lots of fiber, cut out processed and fast food, and don’t go for that last extra bite.

Complex, high-fiber carbs like oats, brown rice, sweet potatoes and quinoa instead of refined carbs are great.

Eat good food to replenish your body and you will feel tonnes better

The fiber helps you feel full faster and also stabilizes blood sugar.

You’ll be less likely to overeat.

Go for plain, grilled chicken or fish and try eating veggies steamed or roasted.

Healthy fats like nuts and nut butter, avocado and hummus are also great.

If you want some more tips on how to look good, check out this post.

Drink less during the week or cut out alcohol completely

Drink water with dinner instead of alcohol and be sure to hydrate well throughout the week.

Dr. Bahrami recommends drinking two 8-oz glasses of water four times a day to keep well hydrated at all times.

Your body could probably use the break from alcohol.

Hit the gym

You may be feeling grotty, but getting a work out in will make you feel tonnes better.

Get rid of some of those toxins by getting  sweat on.

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Get back on the exercise bandwagon – it’s not easy but your body and brain will thank you for it