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Five ways to keep your metabolism burning fat after a workout

Let’s be honest, exercising can be a chore. The last thing I sometimes want to do is drag myself to a workout.

Hence the fact I prefer to have someone telling me what to do in a class, than rely on self-motivation!

But what if you could maximize your time exercising, so you burn even MORE calories after you’ve finished your workout?

Here’s five top tips so you don’t have to lift a finger after you’ve left the gym and keep your metabolism firing on all cylinders.

Exercise can be a chore – but there are five things you can do to keep your metabolism burning fat long after leaving the gym

Hit The High-Intensity Button during your workout

Brent Fraser, who works with Orangetheory Fitness

, recommends making your body work harder for a shorter amount of time.

This means you get to shorten your workout to 20 to 30 minutes, but put in the effort and feel the burn.

So no need to hit the gym for an hour  – like those people you see wandering around, playing with their phones – get in there and get it done! Sounds good to me!

Go for high intensity workouts which means you get it done in less time

Pump Some Iron

Another top tip is to lift weights. I think most women try and stay away from this area during a workout.

There’s often some scary sweaty men pumping iron and it’s all a bit to testosterone-tastic!

But abandon the safety of the treadmill, and get some of that intense weight lifting into your workout.

What does it do? Well you build lean muscle mass, and do it regularly, more muscle burns more fat.

And that continues once the gym is over and done with for the day. Try twice a week and work out those big muscle groups – legs, back and chest.

And don’t worry about getting bulky – you’ve got to go some with the weights to do that during your workout.

Try doing more weights and not so much focus on cardio

Find Time to Move

That fab fitness blog Fit Bottomed Girls has this tip for obvious reasons.

If you factor some accidental exercise into your daily routine, it’s going to help your calorie burning during your workout.

For example, got for a five minute walk when you get a work break, take the stairs instead of the lift.

It’s all about getting your heart-rate up.

Get Some H2O Down You during and after your workout

Water, they do say is the elixr of life. Keeping hydrated during and after your workout is very important.

Try and eight 8-ounce glasses of the wet stuff a day. That’s about 1.9 litres. And if you sweat a lot when you hit the treadmill remember to compensate.

It can also fill you up, stop snack attacks and keep your skin clear and glowing.Get me a bottle tout suite please!

Get Your Nutrition Sorted

Much as we all wish we could munch on donuts to our hearts content and quaff wine thanks to a gym session, it just doesn’t work that way.

And I should know – it wasn’t until I pulled my diet into gear I started to see real results from my workout.

Try and concentrate on eating whole grains, proteins, fruits and vegetables.

And I am sorry to tell you it is best to avoid sugar and processed carbs. Especially if you want to see the full benefits of your hard graft if your sweat session.

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You’ll get great guns and feel good too if you follow these tips