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Be the best you that you can be: My weight loss plan to get toned and terrific in eight weeks

I have always been one of those women who struggles with weight loss.

I can’t eat what they like, drink what they like, and still be slim.

And I’ve had body image issues for most of my life.

Being bullied at school didn’t help – in fact I had to leave two schools because of it.

During my 20’s I loved to drink.

But boozy nights out with girlfriends didn’t do wonders for my waist line.

There was a lot of this going on in my 20s (that’s my fab friend Zoe yes we really do have the same name)

By the time I left the UK in my early 30s all those kebabs and glasses of wine had caught up with me

I have always been quite active, working out regularly.

I even ran the London Marathon twice.

But my inner Elle Macpherson was hidden under my love of not so fine wine and pizza and burgers.

Any of this familiar to any of you?

It was in my early 30’s, when I moved to Australia that I was really able to get a handle on my body and my weight loss.

I was there for three months on my own before my husband joined me Down Under.

Moving to Sydney at the beginning of Summer made me want to do something about the way I looked.

When I moved to Oz I decided to get a handle on my lovehandles!

After a few months of watching my diet and working out it fell off – all those body beautiful Bondi babes (including my good friend Kirsty here) raised the bar for me!

Walking  along Bondi Beach to catch the bus to work is pretty conducive to wanting to get looking fit quick!

I watched what I ate, went to spin classes and did weights and to be honest, my weight loss for once was wonderful.

For five years I was able to maintain my slimmer figure, and still indulge.

I managed to keep most of the weight off for the next six years, even though I still went out and wore silly glasses and hats

I still liked a drink though as my Aussie friends will testify!

When I decided I needed to work for my weight loss

However, when Grant and I decided to move to Los Angeles in 2015, I began to indulge in super sized portions.

This year I was 40 – and all of a sudden I realised, without youth on my side, I was going to have to up the ante.

However moving to the US in 2015 meant a lot more of THIS kind of thing – Happy Thanksgiving!

When I celebrated my 40th this year (the theme was 1970’s – I went as Farrah Facwcett if you were wondering) I decided I needed to do something about my ever increasing waistline

So I have embarked on an eight week healthy eating plan to get in shape and get toned.

I might actually see the benefit of all those exercise classes I do!

I will be updating my progress with pictures so you can see the results.

Bodyscans (read about them here) are the way I will be checking the difference in my body.

And yes, expect me to slip up and fall off the healthy eating wagon.

I’m only human after all!

I also gave some injectables a try – we all need a little help in the aging process!

Check out my video of what I happened when I had filler here.

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