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Before and after photos: How I dropped four dress sizes in eight weeks on my fitness plan

When I started out on this fitness plan to get myself into shape, I did not expect I would manage to drop four dress sizes in eight weeks.

So I was pretty stunned when I had lost nearly 13.5 pounds (just over 6 kilos) on my final weigh in.

I was also able to get into a pair of US size 2 (UK/AUS size 6) leggings!

Here are my before and after shots  from my fitness plan- week 1 on the left – I was a US size 10 UK/AUS size 14 – I’m 5ft 10 

Here is the back view week 1 on the left – week 8 on the right – in the after shots I can now get into US size 2 (UK/AUS 6) -workout gear is by wearehandsome

Ok, they are a ‘snug fit’ but I thought when I bought them four weeks ago from Lululemon – as my weight loss inspiration.

I would also like to point out that I think I would be pushing it getting into a pair of US size 2 trousers after my fitness plan.


But I can get into 25 inch waist stretchy jeans.

I’m trying to give you some perspective on sizing.

We all know that we can be one size in one shop and a completely different one in another.

Normal high waisted jeans I’m a 26/27 inch waist.

How do I feel after my fitness plan?

I feel healthy, and a lot fitter.

Was I surprised by anything after doing the fitness plan?

The amount of weight I seemed to be carrying on my back.

I think the before and after shots are much more significant.

Here I am in my US size 2 (UK/AUS size 6) lululemon leggings – never thought I would actually be able to wear them! The crop top is a US size 8 (UK/AUS size 12) – Im not blessed in the chest department – they come up small

Will I maintain it? I would like to try – I have deliberately bagged up all my larger clothes. But I love wine, and eating. So we will see!

How did I do it?

Well it was definitely in weeks five to eight of the fitness plan I started to see the really good results happen.

During week five I was eating a higher level of carbohydrate to prepare myself of the fat shredding phase of weeks seven and eight in the fitness plan.

This meant I got to eat more cheese, (feta and goats cheese that is) and also – wait for it – bread! It was gluten free but still.

I also had a rather significant fall off the wagon on my friend’s birthday, which saw me drinking tequila and eating Mexican in a restaurant off of Hollywood Boulevard at 1am.

Here I am with the results from my body scan – of course the first thing I did was head to Bondi Harvest in Santa Monica and get a scone!

I’m only human, ok? And no, I didn’t wake up the next day beating myself up over it. The hangover wasn’t great though!

How I changed my workouts

I also cranked up the workouts while on the fitness plan.

I was doing two sessions a day five days a week for the last 14 days.

That’s two sessions of 45 minutes – with a mixture of cardio and weights on a circuit – at F45Training in Venice.

That may sound a lot – but to be honest it really is mind over matter. And I just got up earlier to fit it in.

And also remember, I have been drinking nearly every weekend on this fitness plan.

Which of course if not strictly what you should be doing.

I also went and had a bodyscan – you can check those out here.

After 10 days I had lost six pounds which I was pleased with. But my muscle mass had dropped slightly.

I can honestly say at 40 I never thought I would have the confidence to post this kind of picture on social media – but I did! Obviously I had some good acccessories – bikini is by wearehandsome

To combat this I took the supplement Betabol .

It was recommended by Nutrishop Santa Monica.

Your body burns fat and builds muscle, as long as you are working out.

I really do think taking this is what helped me achieve my results on this fitness plan.

What I ate

I was on a diet which consisted of lots, of eggs, smoked salmon, steak, and spinach, with lots of onions and garlic.

The recipes were actually really tasty – I’m going to be posting  few for you to check out – and I didn’t feel like I was eating small portions.

I then went out to celebrate and drank lots of rose (of course) and ate bad ass stuff like this Po-Boy at Preux and Proper Downtown 

My final weight loss was 13.5 pounds.

There was a reduction of 7.5% in my body fat.

I put on three pounds of muscle.

If you want some information on some of the things I used and why, check out this post on coconut oil and why it is so good for you.

What did I do to celebrate?

Well first I went to Bondi Harvest in Santa Monica (it reminds me of my time in Oz) and had a scone which was like eating the best cake I have eaten!

Then I went out with some of my friends, ate some bad ass Po-Boys (check out the picture) and drank a lot of wine at Preux and Proper in Downtown LA.

They do a very good happy hour if you get a chance to go.

Am I happy with my body?

It’s been lovely getting lots of compliments.

But to be honest, I don’t look at myself and think I look much different.

It’s only because my clothes are too big and people tell me I’m slimmer I’m aware of it.

I also still have bad cellulite.

That hasn’t really shifted I am sorry to say ladies.

Believe me if there is a magical cure out there for that I’ll be the first to try it out!

But did I think at 40 I would be posting pictures of myself in a bikini on social media?

Absolutely not. It was slightly terrifying doing it – but I wanted to show people you CAN do it.

And thanks to all my friends and my husband supporting me I had the courage to.

Please email me if there’s a weight loss plan you have had good results on.

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These lovely people were very supportive of me during my eating plan. And they were kind enough to drink lots and eat lots as well!