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Working it! Three exercises you can do anywhere which help weight loss

These days, the excuse: “I can’t do exercises in a gym” doesn’t really cut it when it comes to working out.

But I also know that not everyone reading my blog has access to a dedicated space for fitness, classes, or a trainer.

And sometimes the thought of exercising in front of people is downright daunting.

So for those of you who are in those situations, here are three exercises for anytime, anywhere.

That’s right, NO EXCUSE!

The lovely Mark Hewlett who runs F45 Training in Venice and Pacific Palisades helped me out with these.

He knows his stuff (except for my name – yes, I’ll know if you’ve been paying attention because he keeps calling me Chloe, he knows me well honestly!)

He helped with these three exercises which target the areas women always worry about.

Just because I did these in a gym setting, doesn’t me you can’t make them work for you at home.

What do  the exercises involve?

We ran through some very simple exercises.

They are variations on push ups, tricep dips and also some sit ups which will help you get a stomach Wonderwoman would be envious of.

Aim to do three rounds of each with 15 – 20 reps.

And try and go for 40 seconds with a 20 second break.

If you stick to it they should really help with your strength, give you toned arms and a tight ass!

Isn’t that what we all want ladies!

And finally, you get to laugh at me doing them!

Bonus for all!

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Thanks to Jenna Boss for my amazing videos! She’s a star! Workout gear is by one of my favourite activewear brands – We Are Handsome.