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The lazy girls way to exercise…electric bikes

The lazy girls way to exercise…electric bikes My rating: 3.5 out of 5

Electric bikes are a great way to exercise if you can’t get motivated when it comes to expelling some energy.

During a recent trip to the beautiful town of La Jolla I discovered it was an easy way to get a quick fitness fix while not feeling the burn.

Electric bikes really are the lazy girls way to get in a bit of your exercise quota while not putting too much of your back into it.

Not feeling the burn! Electric bikes are a great way to get as little or as much exercise as you like

And in the case of La Jolla – the scenery was pretty good too!

How do electric bikes work?

The beauty of electric bikes is you can turn the power on and off when you are feeling more and less energetic.

Want to feel the burn? Then turn the power down. Feeling lazy – wack it right up.

I did a great tour of La Jolla, which is a gorgeous little town just outside San Diego. California.

We cycled for about three hours. And the ride didn’t completely knacker me.

San Diego Fly Rides run the tours – Colby and Justin who took our group were great! They knew loads of stuff about the area and were funny and informative.

Colby and Justin were ace – we managed to make it to the top of Mount Souledad – no mean feat i can tell you!

They even managed to factor in a tequila stop – now that’s my kind of bike ride.

The company also do tours of Los Angeles which I haven’t tried yet – but they go through the Hollywood Hills so expect to check out the homes of the rich and famous!

The great thing about electric bikes is they can be for people of all fitness levels and all ages.

And you can take it as hard or as slow as you want!

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