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Boxing your way to a better body!

One of the best things about working out is it can be a great stress reliever and boxing is one of those exercises which is not only a great at getting out aggression but gets you super toned.

I had always been slightly intimidated by it as a way of getting fit.

Then I did a session with the amazing AJ Perez.

AJ runs Legacy Boxing  and the Legacy Boxing Gym .

He regularly has one on one classes on the cliffs at Santa Monica.

He’s incredibly well respected and brilliant at boxing.

And he clearly has the patience of a saint as I really didn’t know what an earth I was doing!

Co-ordination and me – we don’t go together!

But he was great, and made me realise, you really can give this a go whatever agility or experience you think you have.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s so good about boxing…

AJ explained why boxing is such a great workout as contrary to popular belief, it works everything, not just your arms:

He says: “It really is a complete workout.

“You are working your core, you are working everything.

“What is really misunderstood about boxing is how much of your lower body you are using.

“A lot of full body movement is involved to do a proper punch.

“So when you put it all together it’s a really great all over body workout.”

AJ says that it’s also growing in popularity as a way of getting in cardio – it’s definitely a lot more exciting than running on a treadmill.

Here I am with my lovely pal Sammie – shes been boxing a while and looks A-MAZING!

He added: “It’s a really exhilarating and fun way of getting in your workout.

“It’s also really empowering to figure out how to throw the punches also.”

Of course it’s quite handy to know how to handle your right hook should the need ever arise, not that I am encouraging violence of any kind!

AJ recommends if you really want to get into it, you should look at trying to do three or four days a week.

That may sound a lot, but if you want to get the movement down, and be a bit nifty on your feet, practice makes perfect.

He says: “You can use it as your cardio workout, and once you have got used to it and the movements right, then you can use it to supplement other strength training methods.

“You can then cut it down to two days a week to let your body have time to recover.”

How does it help the ladies?

So what’s in it for women? Well you’ll start to see a difference on your backside, and your arms – goodbye bingo wings!

AJ says: “It’s a really good and fun way to tone the arms. A lot of women are not looking to do strictly strength training and build muscle mass.

“It’s a great way to tone the arms because you are elongating the muscles as you throw the punches.

“At the same time you are getting a lot of core work – a lot of women what a tight stomach.”

So what if you are knocking on a bit – can you still do boxing? Of COURSE you can!

AJ says people in their 60’s and 70’s do it, and you can start as young as five years old.

It’s also used to help patients with Parkinsons – it helps to ease the symptoms.

The class I did with AJ was an hour long.

It was a great workout, and he was right about feeling a sense of achievement when I got a punch right – yes there were a few times!

Check out my friend Sammie though in the video above.

She’s been doing boxing longer than me – looks super hot on it and has the moves of a pro.

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