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My body transformation journey: See what happened during the first four weeks

When I embarked on this eight week body transformation I don’t think I anticipated just how hard it would be.

As I explained in my previous post – I am not judging my results by weight, but by differences in my muscle mass, fat percentage and fitness.

And of course THAT pair of jeans we all used to be able to get into with ease, and now looks like we are being garotted around the middle when we wear them.

To be quite honest without these two amazing human beings – Sammie (L) and Jack (R) I could not have stayed motivated – I embarked on my health and fitness plan following the challenge created by F45 – a global fitness network

Weeks One – Four Body Transformation

My first body scan curtesy of Nutrishop in Santa Monica was a bit of an eye opener. I have always considered myself quite fit – I exercise regularly. It was just my body didn’t seem to look like a supermodel’s despite all my efforts.

When I got my first results, considering the hours I spend slogging away in the gym I was more than disappointed to have an average body fat percentage of 25 per cent.

However Mike assured me if I got my eating habits in order I would soon start to see results on my body transformation journey.

I started using the F45 Training eight week challenge food plan as my menu.

It’s tasty, and nutritious, plus I had seen friends of mine do the challenge  and get great results.

This is me at the beginning of my eating and training plan

And the back view – I had just worked out – I have since come to realise I had a very fat back!

However there is an awful lot of prep for the meals, and my shopping budget was going through the roof.

Who knew eating tonnes (and I mean that literally) of spinach and broccoli was so expensive.

I also started hitting the F45 training classes – trying to do double sessions whenever I had the time during this first phase of the body transformation.

I started eating a lot of this – lots and lots and lots while on my body transformation

What supplements did I take during my body transformation journey?

I took magnesium every day, arnica, and also saw my chiropractor to help my muscles cope.

As well as that I started to supplement the protein shakes which feature heavily in the eating plan with glucosamine.

It occurs naturally in the fluid around the joints, in animal bones, bone marrow, shellfish, and fungi.

However it is a great supplement to take when you are working out a lot and on a body transformation journey.

And in my water, I had Stance Power ATP – which contains BCAA’s.

These are branched-chain amino acids – and they aid muscle recover during and after exercise.

My kitchen was starting to resemble that of a body builder.

Plenty of eggs as well – and the yolk also for those who might be asking

What was it like?

I experienced sluggishness, and feeling very tired the first few days of the body transformation plan.

This I think was down to the drastic reduction of sugar in my diet to practically nothing.

However this disappeared after a few days and I really began to notice my body functioning properly (you get the idea) and I felt a lot better with much more energy.

I am afraid I couldn’t ditch caffeine – two work outs a day without it?

I’m not super human.


The eating plan encourages three meals, which never left me hungry and two snacks a day – like these almonds

Best and worst bits

My favourite dishes included the prawn and zucchini ‘pasta’ and the sweet potato and chicken salad.

I also now know a million ways to eat eggs – and can cook up a mean pea and ham omlette.

Was I still drinking?

I cut down drastically to the weekends and allowed myself tequila and soda with fresh lime.

My efforts were rewarded when after 10 days I went for my body scan and had reduced my body fat by around 4% and my muscle was up by nearly 3.5lbs.

A really good result and I was super pleased.

Crash and burn

However, after my high of achievement I blew it all and went from hero to zero in the health stakes.

Yes, in just two days, I blew everything when I went to Joshua Tree for my husband’s birthday.

I ate cheese, I ate tortilla chips, I ate thai coconut hummus (yes such a thing exists and it’s amazing) burgers, and a fresh carrot and raisin cookie from the Farmers Market.

Then I threw caution to the wind and quaffed champagne (we WERE celebrating) rose wine, beer and of course tequila soda and lime.

I THOUGHT I was being sensible – what harm could I do in two days?

Slight slip up when I started eating stuff like this on a weekend away to Joshua Tree

The low point

Well actually quite a lot – fast forward to my body scan and the smug grin I had last time was nowhere to be seen.  I was heavier than when I began, and my fat content was up to higher than when I started.

‘How can this be?’ I wailed? I was mortified – and my brain was screaming at me – ‘go to a bar, get a large vino, and  order a burger and fries.’ Yes, seriously.

But apparently all was not lost.

This, according to Sacha, who was laughing with me, not at me, due to my anguished reaction, is the crazy way our body works.

I should not have come in and got scanned on the back of a booze and food bender.

Depending on your make up, it can take up to five days to metabolize alcohol and all the naughty things in that delicious Brie and Danish Blue.

Drank quite a lot of this kind of thing as well – but I’m only human!

Now with this glimmer of hope, I was determined to see a better result at my next scan. I hit the gym again (I was averaging around 8 sessions a week) and stuck to the eating plan.

On the up again

I was very pleased when I found at the end of week four my body fat was down by 4.5% and my muscle was up to 4lbs.

Still only a loss of 7lbs overall.

But it’s not about that – it’s about my size and fitness.

dropped about two dress sizes – I was a UK/AUS 12- 14 (US 8-10) I am now a UK/AUS 8-10 (US 4-6).

My body had definitely changed.

For some reason I seemed to be losing weight on my back at the moment, and I was slimmer through the middle.

I was soon back on the straight and narrow though and was pleased to see I turned around my eating and drinking blip

Sadly, as is annoyingly usual when anyone embarks on this kind of thing – the first place it goes is the last place you want to lose it – in my case my chest.

I wasn’t particularly well endowed in the first place – maybe this is why all these skinny girls I see have pneumatic fake boobs.

So did I end up smashing it in the first month?

Despite falling off the wagon, I think I did – and I am proud to say so – it was really hard work but worth it.

Keep following me and I’ll update you on my progress. Another four weeks to go – and July 4th to contend with.

Will I be watching what I eat on that day – of course not! You have to live a little! But I will try not to go too crazy (famous last words!)

I would also love to know of any eating plans or fitness challenges you have done – did they work?

What was hard about them? This site is all about trying this stuff out and I am always interested in hearing about your experiences. So let me know!

Check out these exercises which I did as part of my journey.

You’ll get buns of steel rocking these ones out!

And want to see the final result? Check it out here – I dropped four dress sizes!

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Still only a loss of 7lbs overall. But it’s not about that – it’s about my size and fitness. I have dropped about two dress sizes – I was a UK/AUS 12- 14 (US 8-10) I am now a UK/AUS 8-10 (US 4-6)