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The Bodyscan: the top way to monitor weight loss

While I have been on my eight week health and fitness challenge I have been monitoring my weight loss.

So how did I watch results, and stay motivated? Using a bodyscan that’s how.

These nifty machines break down your body make-up, and can show you how much fat, muscle, and water contribute to your overall weight.

When I first started my regime, I had the same body fat as an average person – that’s about 25.5%

I was a bit shocked by that, as I have always exercised and regarded myself as pretty healthy.

What doing the scans showed me was that really, it is all about what you eat.

As soon as I got my diet in check I started to see the results.

So what it really boils down to in my mind, is, if you are working out all the time, and busting your backside in the gym, unless you are watching what you put in your mouth as well, it’s really going to negate the results.

Why is a bodyscan great for monitoring weight loss?

I had my bodyscan at Nutrishop Santa Monica – but these machines are accessible anywhere – in the UK and Australia as well.

Zach, who runs the store explained: “The sensors for your feet and your hands send electrodes through your body which test your water weight against your body fat, muscle mass and bone density. It will also tell you the minimum protein you need to be eating and gives you great information on how to get in shape.”

Electrodes running through your body?! That all sounds a bit Star Trek doesn’t it?! But believe me, it’s not like getting zapped by a stun gun. It doesn’t hurt at all, and you wouldn’t even know anything was happening when you stand on the machine.

I had my scans around 10 days apart. I think it is a really positive way of monitoring you progress. If you want to read more about what it was like doing the plan check out this post. I also talk about the first four weeks of my journey here.

So what was the result? Check the video below!

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Thanks to Jenna Boss for my amazing videos! She’s a star! Workout gear is by one of my favourite activewear brands – We Are Handsome.